Fri. Sep 21st, 2018

Introduction of the Veteran’s Service Card

Today, the Government of Canada is responding to a call for action by #CAF members, Veterans, and the Veterans Ombudsman, with the introduction of the Veteran’s Service Card. More info

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Aujourd’hui, le gouvernement du Canada répond à un appel à l’action des membres des Forces armées canadiennes, des anciens combattants et de l’ombudsman des vétérans, en lançant la nouvelle carte de service des anciens combattants. Plus d’info 

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13 thoughts on “Introduction of the Veteran’s Service Card

  1. I left the military in 2015, I received one about 4weeks after I left, dont be fooled the conservatives had done this before they left government.

  2. Are the the Reserve members from the 1980’ss that took basic and trade trained at the unit level going to be eligible for this? I am sure there are a lot of Reserve force that , while not qualifying for benefits would appreciate the recognition of service and be able to take advantage of discounts available for vetrans.

    1. If it is discounts you want apply for the CFOne card through CANEX. The NDI card is more for official recongniztion of service.

  3. I am wondering how you all are rolling this out as a new thing? I released in 2015 and got my ndi75 within a year or less. How does one who served but didn’t get one apply to get one?

  4. As a former reservist, the status of my release (1990 ?) is not clear. I had served since 1973.
    My question simply is : who would/ could I speak with to get some clarification ?
    I served very proudly and would love to get some/ any recognition for my time ‘in’.

    Thank you in advance.

  5. I was released in 2008 after 26 years of service and was issued a “record of service card” (NDI 75). It has the same number as the one pictured above, but on the back it says “THIS IS NOT AN IDENTIFICATION CARD” (in bold letters), is this “new card any different or does it say the same thing on the back? The link leads me to believe it is the same card I already have and “THIS IS NOT AN IDENTIFICATION CARD”. This is not what veterans groups have been asking for.

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