Tue. Feb 19th, 2019

Impressions from the war of my youth, 25 years after the Medak Pocket.


Arriving in Zagreb stampeding down the stairs from the aircraft to the waiting minibus, no skyway just stairs mounted on a service vehicle and a garishly painted bus at the bottom with no seats just poles strategically placed., We crammed it like a Tokyo subway and within milliseconds the air became almost a solid object with cigarette smoke after 9 hours of smoke free flight from Winnipeg. The plane wasn’t smoke free we were.The plane a Tower Air charter 747  would of happily let us puff away. But the Government of Canada in its maternal concern for our health as its precious workers forbid it. The stewards could smoke , the pilots could smoke, but not us. My Governments tender care probably would have been a little easier to take if i wasn’t on my way to drive a 40 year old armoured personnel carrier made of magnesium packed with laughably outdated equipment that other countries had in museums around the worst European civil war in half a century.

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