Thu. Jan 24th, 2019

Vehicle crew training: Welcome to a new (virtual) reality

“You know the movie The Matrix? It’s essentially like that.”

Major Giuseppe Ramacieri is trying to explain the thinking behind the Army’s proposed Land Vehicle Combat Training System (LVCTS).

If the Keanu Reeves movie of life inside a computer-generated virtual world seems a tad far-fetched, the analogy seems less so when Ramacieri, project director within the Directorate of Land Requirements tasked with steering the LVCTS through its early stages, talks about the project in depth.

Someday in the not too distant future, Leopard, TAPV and LAV crews will be able to train on simulators that will look, feel and behave just like the real thing – “real radios, real hand controls.” And they will be able to operate the vehicles in a variety of different terrains – desert, forest or whatever else is needed. They will even be able to engage an enemy force. All virtually.

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