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As Remembrance Day approaches, Canadians remember those who served – and fell – in the defence of Canada. The Canadian Virtual War Memorial website provides a way that Canadians can learn more about those who gave their lives for our freedom.

The website contains a searchable database of the graves and memorials of more than 118,000  Canadians and Newfoundlanders who gave their lives for their country. The site includes memorials of more than 1,500 soldiers who died in service to Canada since the Korean War, including while on peacekeeping missions and in Afghanistan.

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Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Visitez le Mémorial virtuel de guerre du Canada

À l’approche du jour du Souvenir, les Canadiens pensent à ceux qui ont servi – et à ceux qui ont perdu la vie – afin de défendre le Canada. Le site Web du Mémorial virtuel de guerre du Canada permet aux Canadiens d’en apprendre davantage sur ceux qui ont donné leur vie au nom de la liberté.

Le site Web contient une base de données consultable de fiches sur plus de 118 000 Canadiens et Terre-Neuviens qui ont donné leur vie pour leur pays, dont plus de 1 500 soldats morts au service du Canada depuis la guerre de Corée, y compris lors de missions de maintien de la paix et en Afghanistan.

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  1. Dear Sir, Madam,
    My name is Peter Homan from Bergen, The Netherlands. We are working on a project “Give them a face” for which we try to find pictures of the 250 allied pilots who are berried at our local cemetery. Also some men from the C.R.A.F. are berried in our town. However, we are not able to find any information on Sgt. Georges Heider (from Vian Bridge, Montreal?) who died in December 1943. Our question: do you have more information on Georges Heider? If you whish, we can send you a picture of his grave stone.
    Awaiting your reply and with kind regards,
    Peter Homan.

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